2024 Convention Exhibitors

Download the MS Word 2024 Convention Exhibitor Booths.

  1. Nebraska Methodist College Mobile Diabetes Center
    Health professionals from Methodist Health System will offer health screenings including blood pressure, glucose, and A1C at no cost to participants. Same day results provided.
  2. Tactile Images and 3DPhotoWorks
    Tactile Images has developed a process and technology that convert 2-dimensional images to 3-dimensional tactile replicas. Their tactile prints have length, width, depth and texture and have audio embedded throughout.

    For the ACB of Nebraska State Convention, they will be providing a sneak preview of three exhibitions that the Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired has arranged to tour throughout the state beginning later this year.

    The exhibitions that will be previewed include: Leonardo Da Vinci, Artist and Engineer; Seven Art Movements; and Tet and the Battle of Hue.

  3. American Council of the Blind of Nebraska (ACBN)
    The American Council of the Blind of Nebraska is a statewide membership organization comprised primarily of people who are blind and visually impaired, committed to improving the lives of blind people by promoting independence and effective participation as citizens in all aspects of society. You can join us; annual dues are only $12.

    ACBN has partnered with Blind Girl Designs to sell t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tote bags, and aprons. The white tactile puff ink design says it all!

    The top of the 9 by 13-inch print starts boldly with the state name NEBRASKA and underneath it is spelled also in 3-D tactile braille. The entire print is tactile by the way, and we're excited to have you read it with your hands.

    Underneath the word NEBRASKA is the entire state outline of Nebraska exactly like a map. The only difference from a map, is on the left-hand side of the state there’s a white cane instead of a straight line and on the Northwestern border there is another white cane instead of a line. At the end of the strap of the white cane, the map continues along the river as it naturally would. The river continues all the way down to the southeast border of the state.

    In the middle of the west side of the state are the historic rolling sand hills, which are covered by prairie grasses. These sand hills are replicated by small, wavy tactile hills as a nod to this critical and historic portion of the state, which supports the cattle industry.

    From the middle to the right side of the print are three huge stalks of corn. There’s a reason this is proudly called the Cornhusker state! 

    The Blind Girl Designs team had a blast creating this print with the Nebraska team, and we are very proud to be supporting their efforts as a fundraiser. If you live in Nebraska or love Nebraska - this is the print for you!!

  4. Outlook Enrichment, Inc
    Outlook Enrichment’s mission is to positively impact everyone who is blind or visually impaired.  We do this through robust employment opportunities; adaptive technology training to use a computer, navigate a mobile device, try on digital eyewear and gain independence; recreational programs that boost confidence and increase physical activity; cultural experiences; and community education and collaborative programs that allow people to meet others with similar conditions. Stop by our booth to try the surfboard simulator.
  5. Nebraska Center for the Education of Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired (NCECBVI)
    NCECBVI serves children from infancy to age 21 and offers the expertise and specialized skills of the center's staff to serve students who are blind or visually impaired in residential, day, and outreach settings.  Services are provided to local school districts, students, families, teachers, and other support staff upon request.  Stop by the NCECBVI booth to learn more about our programs and services and get some goodies to take home! 
  6. Share A Fare, Inc.
    Share A Fare provides transportation fee reimbursement or subsidization for individuals who use rideshare services or taxis, now expanding to individuals 13 and older. The program also offers grocery and pharmacy delivery fee reimbursement.  Share A Fare serves the Omaha, Lincoln, and surrounding areas including Council Bluffs with plans to add counties.
  7. Radio Talking Book Service
    Radio Talking Book Service connects individuals who are blind, low vision, or print impaired to news, information, arts, and culture through the human voice and technology. Through human connection, Radio Talking Book Service enables all people to remain active and engaged in their community. 
  8. Nebraska Foundation for Visually Impaired Children
    The Nebraska Foundation for Visually Impaired Children is a non-profit organization founded in 1960 to meet the needs of blind and visually impaired schoolchildren in Nebraska that were not being met through school systems or government programs.

    Our slogan, “Providing Building Blocks for the Future”, reflects our conviction that the childhood and teen experiences of the blind and visually impaired are of critical importance to their long-term success as adults. Our mission is to provide those children with resources, otherwise not available to them, that are necessary to establish building blocks for long-term success.

  9. Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired (NCBVI)

    Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    The purpose of NCBVI’s vocational rehabilitation program is to assist blind and low vision Nebraskans to enter the workforce, retain employment, and advance in their chosen career fields.

    Independent Living (IL) Services to Individuals age 55 and older:
    This program provides training to blind and visually impaired individuals who would like services to maintain their independence. 

    Independent Living (IL) Services to Individuals 0-13 years of age:
    This program provides training to young children who are experiencing blindness or vision loss early in life.  NCBVI provides training and support to the child, parent(s), school, or anyone who plays a role in the child's life.

    Support Service Provider (SSP) Program
    As trained professionals, SSPs connect DeafBlind individuals with their physical and social environment, empowering them to live more independently.

    Stop by the NCBVI booth to learn more about our services and programs.

  10. Papillion Area Lions Club
    Lions Club International dates back to 1917. Lions are especially dedicated to serve the blind and visually impaired, a commitment made after Helen Keller challenged the members to become the "Knights of the Blind" in 1923. Our own Papillion club was founded in 1976 and is committed to the collection of eye glasses and hearing aids, Kidsight with vision screenings of children, and provision of eye exams and glasses for Special Olympic athletes at the Opening Eyes event each year as well as give some financial support to Radio Talking Book Services.
  11. Beulah Reimer Legacy, (BRAILLE)
    We sell printable Braille children's picture books at affordable prices. We also sell print/Brl flash cards, Scrabble tiles very Rack-o games. To see all we have in store, visit our website at www.beulahreimerlegacy.com or stop by our table.
  12. NanoPac, Inc
    NanoPac, Inc. represents the majority of manufacturers in Nebraska and provides life-time support for every product sold.   They sell new products which come with lifetime support. NanoPac also provides a free disposal service of used equipment that is traded in on new products. Contact Nebraska Low Vision for local sales and service 402-905-2697. Email Patrick Fischer patrick@nanopac.com,
  13. Penny Forward
    Penny Forward is a nonprofit organization founded and led by blind people.  Through education, mentoring, and mutual support, we help each other learn to confidently navigate the complicated landscape of personal finance. We are based out of MN, but serve clients all over the United States.
  14. Talking Book and Braille Service
    The Talking Book and Braille Service supports blind and visually-impaired Nebraskans in service of the National Library Service's mission, "That all may read."  Eligible patrons can receive a digital player and audiobooks through the nail at no-cost, and can also register for our audio and braille book app, BARD.  Stop by to learn more and pick up an application for service.
  15. Tactile Stations of the Cross
    Touch tactile models of all Stations of the Cross, depicting Jesus' journey from Passover to resurrection. Father Jacob will guide you through the detail of these breath-taking scenes.  We wish to thank Fr. Jacob for volunteering to show these sculptures to us. God bless!
  16. Bus Across Nebraska
    Stop by our "Bus Across Nebraska" booth to learn about an exciting winter activity.  We will head out for the 10th time to Deadwood,  SD to meet up with our other adventurous friends at the 46th annual Black Hills Regional Ski for Light.  Besides snowmobile rides, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and bumper car rides, you will be able to enjoy karaoke, a slot machine contest, an evening barbecue buffet, dancing, and an amazing bonfire night.  Then head home knowing you have made some great new friends!