Taxi Passenger Rights and Responsibilities

Taxi services must comply with ADA requirements as private companies, primarily engaged in the business of transporting people, that provide demand-responsive transportation.  Taxi service is same day service and wait times can vary depending upon the time of month, time of day, or season. Taxi availability is dependent upon overall demand for service in the community as a whole. When demand is high, wait times may be longer. They are a curb to curb service unlike paratransit they are not required under the law to meet you at the entrance and escort you to the waiting vehicle. However, under the law, each taxi service shall ensure that personnel are trained to proficiency.  Not only does this relate to safe operation of vehicles and equipment, drivers must be able to properly assist and treat customers with disabilities in a respectful and courteous way. 

Taxi companies and drivers must provide service in a manner that does not discriminate against people with disabilities.  Examples of discriminatory service include:

  1. the company or the driver denying service to individuals with disabilities who can use taxi vehicles
  2. the company or the driver charging higher fares or fees to passengers with disabilities
  3. the company or the driver denying a ride to a customer using a service animal.Service animals are discussed in greater detail below.
  4. the driver refusing to assist with stowing wheelchairs or other mobility devices

As a taxi passenger you have a right to expect:

  1. A safe, comfortable, and clean vehicle
  2. A courteous and knowledgeable driver
  3. Service provided on a timely basis
  4. Travel with anyone you so chose to transport with you
  5. Travel with a service animal under your control. Note no additional fee may be charged if you are traveling with a service dog.
  6. Prompt response to all comments and concerns regarding your taxi cab services
  7. Be treated with dignity and respect by all Taxi service employees

As a taxi passenger it is your responsibility to:

  1. Respect all taxi service employees
  2. Be prepared when calling always make sure you can proved the operator or driver with the exact street address and specific entrance for all destinations.
  3. Making any special requests/instructions at the time of reservation such as informing the operator that you are traveling with a service animal or that you are blind and ask that the driver watch for you.
  4. Canceling a scheduled ride in a timely manner or if your plans change.
  5. Always be ready and waiting for your pick up, some drivers will not wait for lengthy periods and may leave.
  6. Allow enough travel time unexpected delays can happen because of weather, traffic, and construction.
  7. Paying the full fare is required, even if the fare is different then what you have paid in the past for the same trip.
  8. Understanding that service delays may result from circumstances that are beyond the control of the operator (traffic delays, inclement weather, vehicle breakdown) 
  9. Confirm the address of where you are going, with the driver upon entering the cab, Tip even having the address written on a note card may assist with any language barriers.
  10. Maintain control of your service animal at all times

Making Complaints

To make a comment or complaint about driver or your experience, contact the taxi company’s customer service representative. This may be done by phone or in writing.

You should always contact the Public Service Commission an online complaint form may be completed at If you If you have difficulty completing this form, or prefer to make your complaint by phone call 1-800-526-0017. Ask for Mark Breiner Director of Transportation Department you may also send an e-mail to him at This ensures that your complaint will be investigated with the taxi service provider.

This document was produced by the American Council of the Blind of Nebraska 2010. Please feel free to reproduce and distribute. You many download here a .pdf of Passenger Rights and Responsibilities for Taxi Riders.