We welcome your tax-deductible contributions. When you donate, your funds support:

  • the quarterly publication of our newsletter which provides members and those new to blindness with information on independent living and effective participation in society
  • the Omaha Council of the Blind’s continued participation in the Vision Resource Coalition
  • the Omaha Council of the Blind’s annual picnic for visually impaired youth
  • scholarship opportunities
  • stipend assistance to attend the annual national convention of the American Council of the Blind

We provide our membership the opportunity to dream, believe and achieve. Your donation can afford us to continue to provide many services not described here. Per the American Foundation for the Blind, most visually impaired individuals have a high motivation to succeed. And your donation can help us do just that.

For your convenience you may:

  • donate with PayPal using the below button or
  • make a check or money order payable to "ACBN" and send to:
    ACBN Treasurer
    PO Box 6506, Omaha, NE 68106-0506
    Phone: 402-699-2363