Taxicab Coupon Programs

There were two special Taxicab Coupon programs available through our Omaha and Lincoln chapters. These two special programs, at one time, were completely funded by American Council of the Blind of Nebraska (ACBN) and are still funded through the generosity of the Ethel S. Abbott Charitable Foundation along with other community service organizations.

Who Qualifies for These Cab Coupon Programs?

In keeping with our state motto “People First Causes Second”, this cab coupon program is available to “any legally blind individual” regardless of their group affiliation. This transportation subsidy is available to anyone residing in the Greater Omaha Metropolitan area and Lancaster County who are blind or visually impaired who make application.

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How can I Apply?

Application must be certified by a medical professional or rehabilitation counselor affirming their visual impairment.

The taxicab subsidy program is available through the Share A Fare program.

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Taxi Passenger Rights and Responsibilities

Program Background

It should be noted that all overhead costs associated with the transportation program is assumed by the governing body of Share A Fare, Inc. and received grants are turned into offsetting the transportation subsidy for blind consumers. Share A Fare is also unique in that the blind participants assume fifty percent of the cost of the coupons; while other members contribute their valuable time to further reduce the administrative costs related to operating and maintaining the programs.

The transportation subsidy was originally established in Lincoln and then expanded to the Omaha area in order to address the transportation needs of the blind.

Effective January 1, 2020, Share A Fare expanded operation into Lincoln and Lancaster County.  Share A Fare addresses the lack of available and affordable public transportation, especially in the evenings, which adversely impacts both social and employment opportunities for the visually impaired. Our sincere thanks to Robert and Garnet Nalley for the hours of service they have contributed to running this project in the Lincoln area and to the other individuals for their efforts in supporting this program.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to Senator Carl T. Curtis, who died in January 2000, for his valuable assistance in establishing and his help in finding and securing funding for the initial Lincoln Give A Lift program.

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